Warsaw, Poland

After a total of 14 hours of layovers and 5 days in Warsaw, i was back home on Monday.
Even though the city is visually messy, this vacation turned out to be very amazing. Had the chance to see two friends from my hometown that i haven't been with since september, and had fun like i haven't in a while. 
Stayed at a beautiful, even though very very dirty, house in which my portuguese friend lives at with 4 more french guys. Visited a cool and not very expensive store called Pan tu nie stał. Bought The Happy Reader at Super Salon, a place that sells trendy magazines and visually stimulating coffee table books. Ate tasty pierogi at the famous polish chain Zapiecek. Met (yet again) my love of visiting contemporary museums after the sun is out, even though that's the easiest thing to do in Warsaw, considering that at 4pm it's black out dark.
Very positive outcome, but don't visit Warsaw just for the city.

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